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Panachrome Light Curtains


Memco Panachrome

A true innovation in elevator door safeguarding, Memco Panachrome provides the elevator industry with a revolutionary detection system for maximum safety. The unique solution has coloured red and green indicators which operate on door movement to visually indicate opening and closing thereby providing an additional safety feature.

This premium light curtain is also available with 3D detection in the landing zone for additional passenger protection.

Typically used in high traffic applications, Panachrome combines improved safety, enhanced aesthetics and reduced maintenance costs in a truly innovative solution.

Key Features
  • Coloured red/green indicators highlight door movement which reduces door damage
  • 2D and 3D Light Curtain models availble
  • Dense infrared 154 light beam pattern
  • 4m pluggable extension cable
  • Suitable for centre and side opening
  • Reduces door damage
  • Typical applications include hospitals, hotels and airports
  • Available in 10mm and 43mm profile