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Intelligent and secure sensor systems are created by CEDES. To boost their clients’ global innovation capacities, they blend pioneering spirit with Swiss quality.


Since 1986, CEDES has been creating ground-breaking solutions for industrial computers, controls, automation, monitoring, and safety and information systems. As a pioneer in optical sensors using active infrared technology and image processing, CEDES began as a two-person start-up in a kitchen and currently employs around 400 people globally.


From such modest beginnings, the business transformed into a world leader in lift sensor technology in less than ten years. In 1991, they created the first industrial light curtain, which is now the norm.  They later revolutionised lift placement with slot-type light barriers, and their most recent hoistway communications systems are doing the same for the twenty-first century.


In order to deliver ultra-reliable comfort and safety sensor solutions for pedestrian, industrial and residential doors as well as for transportation & people-flow, warehouse management and automated windows, they have adopted that same pioneering spirit and branched out into the entry automation industry

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