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Automatic doors for lifts.

The world’s top producer of automated lift doors under one brand is Fermator Group. Worldwide, Fermator doors are placed in domestic, commercial, airport, hotel, and lifts with light, medium, and high traffic.

In order to grow production capacity, raise quality standards, and offer the best level of service to all of its clients in more than 90 countries, the Group has made significant investments each year.

The Fermator Group, which has its headquarters in Spain and manufacturing facilities in France, Italy, Poland, Greece, India, China, and Brazil, efficiently meets the demands of all markets that want automated doors for lifts, resulting in a sizable global market share.

The automatic doors manufactured by Fermator comply with International Standards; EN 81-20/50, ASME A17.1, GB 7588, and fire requirements EN 81-58 and UL 10B among numerous others.


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