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As a market-leading safety expert, Tractel® offers working-at-height solutions and services that are dependable, inventive, and affordable.


The range of solutions offered by Tractel® includes:

  • Height Safety
  • Load Measurement & Control
  • Temporary & Permanent Access
  • Services-


Tractel® has been in business for more than 70 years and currently has sizable production sites throughout the globe, including in Europe (France, Germany, Poland, and Spain), the United States (Minneapolis, Houston), Canada (Toronto, Montreal), China (Shanghai), Singapore, and Turkey. These facilities have specific centres of excellence for research and development, engineering, and safety regulations. Around 1,100 people work at Tractel®, which has clients in 120 nations, subsidiaries in 19, 10,000 distributors worldwide, and consumers in 120 countries.


Tractel® is able to have a local presence while having a worldwide reach because to its network of knowledge, experience, and geographic locations.


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