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The UK’s leading expert in lift-shaft edge protection safety is Safegate.  The BS EN:13374 tested and approved system will be customised for your unique needs and may be mounted on any surface, even polished concrete or glass. You should be aware of the fact that we provide systems that may be face-fitted, reveal-fitted, or entirely free-standing, as well as pre-installed on prefabricated lift-shafts and modular structures, or inserted while the core is being built from the jump before floors are added. The system is available in a variety of configurations, such as Standard, Solid (smoke and fire reduction), and the innovative Double access gate that facilitates entrance and egress into the shaft while loading out.


The lightweight, man-portable Safegate lift shaft gate protection system has been created by Safegate and is tried-and-true, highly successful and easy to install and remove via the finished structure. The technology may be used for structural openings up to 15 metres long and 800mm wide.


Since its debut, Safegate has provided the technology to the vast majority of the top construction and lift firms in the UK. The Safegate offers the ideal defence against falls throughout the building phase, during lift installation, to safeguarding employees from falls and safeguarding workers in the shaft from debris falling from above.


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