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Memcom Multi Point Station

Memcom Multi Point Station

The Memcom “Multi Point Station” provides external emergency phone points for the elevator engineer in the shaft, pit or machine room. This easy to install MPS unit allows local communication between different points of the elevator installation, which is useful during commissioning and installation of the elevator.

Using a two wire connection, up to 3 MPS units can be wired in parallel back to the Memcom. The system is fully supported by the Memcom integral battery, but can be boosted using 24v DC.

This product has been launched as a replacement for 492 020 and offer the following benefits over the previous design:

Connections to the MPS unit
The unit volume can be adjusted using a small flat head screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver in the volume adjustor on the back of the unit. Turn anti- clockwise to increase the volume and clockwise to decrease the volume. If feedback can be heard, reducing the volume may reduce or remove the feedback.

Insert a small flat head screw driver in the clamp section of the screw-less connector to open the clamp, insert the wire in the hole and remove the screwdriver to clamp the wire in place secure the wire.
The status LED shows when the unit is correctly installed and also when an alarm has been activated from the station, as detailed below:
LED status
LED not lit- unit is not functional
RED LED Dimly lit- unit is functional
RED LED Brightly lit- alarm has been activated

Fixing the unit
The unit can be fixed to the wall by the fixing holes at the top and the bottom of the unit, using the M4.2 self-drilling screws provided. The unit can then be slid on and off of these screws without the need to unscrew.

Key Features
  • Screw-less terminals (on exterior of product) remove the need to unscrew the product
  • Fixing holes on outside of product
  • Product can be removed and replaced on wall without need to unscrew
  • LED light indicator indicating the unit status
  • Lower profile design
  • Volume control on exterior of product