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Light curtains, emergency phones, networking solutions and displays are just a few of the safety and communication items that Avire offers for elevators. Over four million buildings across the world have Avire products installed. The company is made up of market-leading brands, each with their own distinctive histories and specialties. Their product brands (E-Motive, Janus, RATH, TL Jones, Microkey, and Memco), each of which brings a lot of experience and innovative technology to the table, make up a significant portion of their strength.

It is claimed that the company’s global sales with local support approach gives their customers the high-quality product and hassle-free experience to easily maintain and modernise their lifts. The company has manufacturing facilities in Barcelona, the Czech Republic, Shanghai, and the USA, as well as sales offices in 14 locations around the world.

They are committed to offering high-quality products and services. In an ever-changing environment, they continue to invest in their present portfolio while also looking to the future and paying attention to their customers’ demands.

The trademarks of Avire have a successful history in many different countries throughout the world. Memco, TL Jones, and E-Motive were combined in 2012, and Janus joined soon after. Avire was the company’s new name in 2013. Halma plc purchased Microkey in 2017 as a worthwhile addition to the Avire portfolio. With this purchase, Avire gained a product line (DCP and accessories) that it is introducing to new markets as well as a wealth of expertise related M2M technology and GSM/GPRS products that offers exciting new possibilities for their product roadmap.


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