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Miller Weblift Ltd

Miller Weblift is a reputable global producer of lifting slings with a reputation for offering top-notch lifting and load-restraining solutions. They want to offer the best service possible so that executing a lift will be worry-free. They provide consistent and dependable equipment to a variety of international locations.


Miller Weblift is in a unique position since the webbing is woven right here on the premises, from yarn to you. This guarantees that you’ll always get the best lifting equipment since they have total control over the production process, from the raw yarn all the way to the finished product.


  1. The machines weave the yarn
  2. The webbing is colour dyed
  3. The webbing is cut to shape
  4. Precision stitched and hand finished
  5. Any required components are added
  6. Lifting slings go through a thorough inspection
  7. Securely packaged and delivered straight to you!


They have production sites in Asia, Germany, Holland, France, Russia, and the USA. They are active globally. Unitex Group, which pioneered the use of contemporary production methods, is currently the top supplier of webbing, height safety, and lifting equipment into Europe and is actively expanding its international markets.




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