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Testing & Certification

Sharkey Lifting Ltd. offers Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) on electrical tools and Lifting Equipment Testing ensuring that just one visit to the site means your equipment is certified and safe and you are meeting all your safety requirements.

Portable Electrical Appliance means electrical equipment that can or could be moved from place to place e.g. office machinery (computers, copiers, fax machines), kettles, extension leads, etc, usually having a lead with a plug attached.

The Safety, Health Welfare at Work regulation 2001 Statutory Instrument number 188 2001 states that :

  • Every portable appliance must be tested once a year
  • The results must be held for 5 years
  • The results must also be made available for inspection by inspectors of the HSA

Sharkey Lifting Limited can carry out your lifting gear inspections in-house or on-site and have your certification available to download from ’Certbank’ at any time where ever you have internet access.

Our CertBank is currently under development and will be available soon.

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