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Hoist Rope

Sharkey’s provides extremely dependable and efficient hoist ropes for maximum safety.
We provide the best solution to meet the needs of our customers for effectively lifting heavy
loads. Whether it’s basic hoist units for integration into plant and machinery or lifting solutions
with electronic controls optimised for crane applications, we’ve got you covered. Cranes use a
high-performance hoist rope that is compressed, rotation resistant, and has an extremely high
load capacity.
Sharkey’s hoist rope ranges are designed to meet the market’s demands and are tested to the
most stringent standards.
The adaptable design of the hoist rope makes it ideal for both small and large industrial
businesses. It can also be attached to existing girders.
There are modular cable hoists for specific solutions based on individual needs. All applications,
including crane systems and permanent installations, benefit from innovative flexibility. For the
first time, both C and Co-Axial designs allow wire rope hoists to be built using only basic
techniques. Intelligent interfaces and suitable fittings and accessories can complement an
extensive range.
Our hoist ropes offer excellent performance, excellent reliability and meet stringent safety
For assistance selecting the best hoist rope for your area, get in touch with our team right